About Us

Our team deeply care. We view your pets as cherished members of your family and provide them with the attentive care they deserve. Having been a part of the Wellingtonbridge & Taghmon community for years, we’ve built trust and shared countless moments with local pet owners. We’re here for you and your pets.

AHC Vets is a distinguished multi-site veterinary practice established in Wellingtonbridge & Taghmon. Since our inception in 2011, we have become a cornerstone in the local community, caring for thousands of pets annually. At AHC Vets, we recognise your pet as a cherished family member and strive to offer the finest veterinary care services. Our dedicated team, led by Seamus Allis and Padraig Harris, brings extensive experience in small animal medicine and surgery, both in Ireland and the UK.

We pride ourselves on our modern facilities equipped for advanced treatments in medicine, surgery, dentistry, radiography, ultrasound, and blood testing. Recognised by the Veterinary Council of Ireland, we continually update our clinical skills to ensure the highest standard of care. Our approach is friendly and informal; we value conversations with our clients, whether it’s for advice, treatments, or pet accessories.

At AHC Vets, you’re always welcome, and we’re always ready to assist with any questions about your pet’s health.

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Our Practices


Our Taghmon branch is managed and run by Bev, Anna, and Maura. They are available to assist with any queries you may have, including arranging appointments, call outs, or any questions regarding animal care.


The Wellingtonbridge branch is managed and operated by Aimee, Emily, and Jamie. They are ready to assist with any appointments or queries you may have.

We are part of the XL Vets Network

XLVets Ireland represents a dynamic network of independently owned veterinary practices, distinguished by a member-centric approach. Crafted by its members for the benefit of its members, XLVets Ireland is rooted in the execution of intelligent, targeted work that promotes strong commercial advantages, efficient organizational processes, and robust member support.

This network is not just a national entity but a part of a thriving global community of veterinary networks that spans the UK, New Zealand, and Canada. Its unique model fosters collaborative efforts, enabling members to exchange ideas and enhance their skills beyond local and national confines, thus broadening their professional horizons.

At its core, XLVets Ireland is more than just a network; it’s a community that leverages collaboration and shared knowledge to propel each member practice towards success, both locally and as part of a global veterinary community.

Central to the ethos of XLVets Ireland are the Five Pillars of Excellence

Clinical Excellence: This encompasses everything from SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) to education, quality care, and maintaining high standards in veterinary practice.

Recruit & Retain: A focus on attracting and keeping the right talent, ensuring that more suitable professionals are eager to join and progress within an XLVets practice.

Procurement: Striving to negotiate better prices and terms for goods and services without compromising on quality, thereby enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the practices.

Opportunity: Offering avenues for personal development, learning, and growth. This includes exploring new revenue streams and realizing the potential within the veterinary field.

Culture: Establishing a strong foundation in governance, communication, community, collaboration, and excellence, all while emphasizing sustainability.